Maine Guided Outdoor Adventure Packages:

Guided outfitting packages are all-inclusive. Your trip will be guided by a Master Maine Guide and will include everything from the deluxe outfitting package.

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Multi-day canoe trips:

Allagash River trip

Indian Pond

Moosehead Lake

Penobscot River West Branch

St. John River

St. Croix

Guided Multi-Day Adventure Canoe Trips

Guided Canoe trips in Maine can easily be traced back to the mid 1800’s when the famous author and naturalist Henry David Thoreau hired local Penobscot Indian guides to safely lead him through Maine’s wilderness waterways. By the turn of the century over 100 guides worked through our Storefornt leading their clients canoeing, fishing, hunting and camping into the great North Maine woods. Today,Maine’s rivers still remain undeveloped and natural, so when you’re sitting by your campfire and gazing into the stars, you can rest assured your experience mirrors that of sports and guides from the past. Our goal is to bring you back to the days when life was simpler, your neighbors are a Moose or a loon, and the gentle sound of the river leads you to sleep. Join one of our guided Maine river trips and see what you’ve been missing.

What is a Registered Maine Guide?

Why Should I Hire a Licensed Maine Guide?

A guide can greatly add to your wilderness experience. The guide can help with workloads, improve your outdoor skills, and open your wilderness experience with new insight into your surroundings.

Our guides are required to be state licensed by the state of Maine and have years of experience in all aspects of outdoor recreation. Our guides are teachers, and cooks, natural leaders and story tellers, fishermen, and naturalists. As comfortable with local lore of your surroundings as baking an apple pie over the open fire.

What does a Guide do?

The traditional role of Maine canoe guide has  changed over the years. In the early days a guide was expected to do all of the hard work, and the client sat idle while being pampered. Yes we are happy to give you the experience you expect however we find most of our clients expect to live the experience by sharing in the workload, and participate in the activities. Our guides are expected to Lead as safe, fun and educational trip. Your guide will take on a great part of the work load of the trip, however, we have found our clients want and expect to participate in the activities.

What’s included in my Adventure Package?

Our guided river trips come completely outfitted with all camping and equipment necessary for a safe, enjoyable trip. Van transportation to and from the river and all permits and fees, food and soft drinks are also included. Personal gear, alchohol and gratuity are not provided. Your guide will provide you with a list of personal gear you should have with you when you arrive. We also will accommodate food preferences and special dietary needs.

Guided Outdoor Adventure Trip Schedule

St. John River trip
Allagash River trip dates
St. Croix dates
Penobscot River West Branch

Custom and private guided or non-guided itineraries:

Custom guided trips can be arranged for groups, individuals and families. We specialize in family vacations, student groups, scout groups, private, and individual trips. All trips are also offered un- guided just call one of our trip specialists for assistance in free trip planning. So Get Out! with Northwoods Outfitters!

What is a Registered Maine Guide?

Maine has an interesting guiding tradition starting when Native American Indian guides led the first visitors into the Maine woods. By the late 1800’s there was a thriving guide industry in the Moosehead Lake region as local guides led wealthy tourists fishing, camping and hunting into the Maine vast wilderness. In 1889, for the first time state legislature required that all guides become state certified and today Maine is known as having some of the most stringent guide requirements in the country.

To become a registered Maine guide, applicants must pass a written and oral exam demonstrating proficiency in Map & Compass, First aid, CPR, wildlife identification, camping, boating, fishing, hunting and other outdoor skills. Though most Maine guides are capable in most disciplines of outdoor recreation, they will focus their expertise on a specific area of interest such as fishing, canoe camping, kayaking or hiking and excel in those categories.

Our guides are serious and passionate about their profession and are eager to share their love of the outdoors with their clients. Be sure to include a guided trip into your vacation plans this year.

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